What would be a good place to sell original Japanese prints or paintings?

If you want to SELL your Japanese wood block prints or Ukiyoe,
quickly, easily and at the highest possible prices,
please do not hesitate to contact us.
We would be most happy to appraise your prints, with our cash offer.

About Mita Arts Gallery

Mita Arts Gallery Ltd, Tokyo,
is recognised as the largest buyer of Fine Japanese Prints, that come
up for sale just about anywhere in the world, and has been so for the
last almost 50 years.

Mita Arts was founded in 1967,
by David Caplan, a resident in Tokyo from 1962, who started as a
collector of Japanese prints, and soon became a gentleman dealer, and
then ultimately a gallery owner.

David was a founding director of the Japan Ukiyoe Dealers Assn in 1981,
which is the foremost organisation of
Japanese print dealers in the world.
and he is also on the board of directors of the Japan Ukiyo-e Society,
plus Mita Arts is also a member of more than 10 different Japanese
art dealers associations.

Ken Caplan joined the gallery in 1991, after graduating from Brown
University, in the USA, and is now on the board of directors of the
Japanese Ukiyo-e Dealers Assn.

Mita Arts has been the largest buyers at the above assn’s sales for
almost every year since its inception in 1981.

Free Valuations & Authentications are provided with pleasure, and all
sales to us are settled by immediate cash or bank transfer.
Please send photos or scans to us @ 'ken@mita-arts.com’
for an immediate reply, and you will be advised of exactly what you
have and its value.



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